Chuck Mathewson

Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 93076
3525 Whitehall Park Drive, Suite 500
Charlotte, NC, 28273

Charles did an excellent job and kept me informed throughout the process. He even follow-up after the closing to ensure everything went smoothly. Definitely would recommend Charles to anyone looking to refinance their mortgage.
The process was very professional and exceeded my time expectations from start to finish. Overall, would recommend Home Point Financial Corporation for refinancing a mortgage.
Jervay was excellent and easy to work with. Explained things when asked and met all my expectations. Fast and courteous service.
Was a little pushy when I wasn't ready to make a final decision because I was still waiting on responses from other lenders. Seemed irritated that I might still be "shopping" around to use his term. As the customer I will do what it takes and as long as it takes to be satisfied before I make a final decision.
See previous comments. Eunice Schwert was very easy to work with and most helpful. Other than the excessive amount of personal documents required upfront, the process was mostly painless.
Fue una excelente experiencia. Estoy totalmente satisfecha con la amabilidad y el profesionalismo de David Mathewson y Carrie Bowling. Ambos excedieron mis expectativas.
I have only positive things to offer. Communication was good, timing was good, and everyone I worked with was easy to work with.
I haven't done a loan in a long time so don't really have anything to compare to. It seemed as though they kept asking for more documents along the way instead of all at once. I know they need a money trail but I had a bit of running around and phone calls to make to get what was needed really close to the end of the process. I was closing in another state and had to get money before flying there. I received the final numbers and they did not match what the lawyer had so called them and they called you. So, got final numbers about one day before so made me a bit nervous waiting. Then I had to go to bank and get check before flying out. All worked out and am very pleased we closed on time. Everyone involved were very helpful through the whole process.
Simple, quick and easy.